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Declaration of Carbon Footprint

Welcome to our website where we are proud to declare our carbon footprint numbers. As an environmentally conscious company, we recognize the impact that our operations have on the planet and are committed to transparency in reporting our carbon footprint.

After conducting a thorough analysis of our business activities, we have determined that our carbon footprint for the base year (2021) was 101 ton Carbon (Scope1:53 Ton Scope2:48 Ton) . We understand that this number may not be perfect, but we are committed to reducing it as much as possible through sustainable practices and responsible decision-making.

We believe that it is important to be accountable for our carbon emissions and we hope that our commitment to transparency and sustainability will inspire others to join us in working towards a greener future.

To achieve this goals on the Recent Year 2022 We took some actions;

  • We start using approximately %40 of our electricity from Solar Energy
  • We replaced our Forklifts to fully electric ones
  • We replaced our air compressor to double inverter type from one classic type
  • We changed our office, factory hall lightning to motion sensored
  • We buy more 35 all-new welding machines with inverter technology
  • We start replacing our Company cars to Hybrid we aim to change them to fully electric till 2030
  • We started ISO 14064 Certification Process
  • We established our GreenLif initiative.
  • You can check details about our GreenLif Initiative on this link.

So When we calculated our most Recent years (2022) Carbon Footprint even though we increased our Turnover 3,5 times our Carbon footprint is increased only 128 Ton CO2 (61 tone Scope 1 67 ton Scope2 ) 27%. 64% carbon intensity reduction with respect to turnover compared to our base year of 2021.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our carbon footprint numbers. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Scope 1 is Direct Emissions link to the Process which calculates from Liquid Fuels (Diesel & Petrol)
Scope 2 is Indirect Emissions comes from electricity consumption.